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Investigator Title / Funding Agency / Date Amount
Emily Bonner, Betty TravisSan Antonio Science and Mathematics Collaborative for Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 04/17/2014$ 375,000.00
Brian HermannG-CSF prevents male infertility after chemotherapy. for National Institutes of Health, 04/16/2014$ 209,690.00
Raul ReynaProject Based Learning (PBL) Training Columbia – PREP 2014 for University of Texas at Austin, 04/16/2014$ 4,922.00
John MerrifieldSimulation Analysis of Fiscal Policies, Including Caps on Expenditure Growth and Franchise Tax Repeal for Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute, 04/15/2014$ 6,000.00
Raymond MauldinCulebra-Helotes Creek Survey for Adams Environmental Incorporated, 04/14/2014$ 17,223.00
Roxanne HenkinTexas Writes for University of Texas at Austin, 04/14/2014$ 360,000.00
Matthew WanatCRF and Stress Modulation of Phasic Dopamine Release and Behavior for National Institutes of Health, 04/11/2014$ 248,527.00
Anand RamasubramanianRole of fluid flow on Chlamydia pneumoniae -exacerbated atherosclerosis for National Institutes of Health, 04/11/2014$ 361,250.00
Oleg LarionovNew catalytic methods for the synthesis of oxazine natural products for National Institutes of Health, 04/10/2014$ 110,250.00
Hubbard OrestesSan Antonio MBDA Business Center - Yr 4 for Department of Commerce, 04/09/2014$ 242,490.00
Peyman Najafirad, Rajendra BoppanaResearch in Converged Compute and Storage Cloud Platforms based on the ZeroVM Hypervisor Technology for Rackspace, 04/08/2014$ 165,000.00
William Dupont, Jerry GonzalezCommemorating KWEX: Stakeholder Facilitation and Content Creation for Greystar Real Estate Management, 04/08/2014$ 8,190.00
Onur BayarSocially Optimal Schemes to Motivate Innovation for , 04/08/2014$ 5,000.00
William AlleySynthesis of monolithic columns for the isolation of glycoproteins with highly-branched glycans for Welch Foundation, 04/08/2014$ 60,000.00
Miguel Jose-YacamanTri and multi metallic nanoparticles a novel approach to control shape, size, structure and properties of nanoparticles for Welch Foundation, 04/07/2014$ 60,000.00
Robert WhettenClusters as Molecular Surfaces: Modification of Selected 25-145-Atom {Au,Ag,Pd,Cu} Clusters Protected by Thiolates & Other Ligands for Welch Foundation, 04/07/2014$ 60,000.00
Matthew Reilly, Rena BiziosContribution of Retinal and Choroidal Endothelium in Diabetic Retinopathy for San Antonio Area Foundation, 04/04/2014$ 24,821.00
Steve TomkaGold Canyon Park Survey for Adams Environmental Incorporated, 04/04/2014$ 25,446.00
Zachary TonzetichFundamental Coordination Chemistry of Biologically Relevant Small Molecules for Welch Foundation, 04/04/2014$ 60,000.00
Jose Lopez-Ribot, Stephen SavilleTargeting Virulence Against Oral Candidiasis for National Institutes of Health, 04/01/2014$ 367,500.00
Jerome KeatingStatistical Analysis Support for Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission for Southwest Research Institute, 04/01/2014$ 6,730.00
Steve TomkaSupplemental Notice to Proceed- Grandberg Project for Texas Department of Transporation, 03/31/2014$ 58,302.00
Jerry Jacka, Gregorio OrtizSocial and environmental impacts of petroleum development on the Eagle Ford Shale (FellowID: 2014184340) for National Science Foundation, 03/31/2014$ 44,000.00
Adel AlaeddiniApplying Lean Principles to the Faculty Appointment Process at UTHSCSA for University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, 03/28/2014$ 7,500.00
Steve TomkaRaba Kistner Environmental, Inc. for Raba Kistner Environmental, Inc., 03/28/2014$ 4,321.00
Raul ReynaNSA - Prefreshman Engineering Program Year 3 for National Security Agency, 03/26/2014$ 10,000.00
Heather Shipley, Hung-Da Wan2014 Robotics GSMP camps for Texas Workforce Commission, 03/26/2014$ 100,000.00
Gregory White, Dwayne WilliamsCyberPatriot VI National Finals Competition Scenario and Support for Air Force Association, 03/22/2014$ 50,000.00
Janee Avent"We've Come this Far by Faith: Today's African American College Student, The Black Church, and Perceptions of Counseling" for UTSA Office of the Vice President of Research , 03/21/2014$ 5,000.00
Billie RodriguezA practical approach for teaching school personnel to develop effective function-based behavioral interventions for students with challenging behaviors for UTSA VPR, 03/21/2014$ 4,908.00
David ThompsonShattered Lives: What does it mean when an Educator Sexually Abuses a Student? for University of Texas at San Antonio Summer 2014 Seed Grant Program, 03/21/2014$ 5,000.00
Juliet Langman, Wayne WrightEngaging English Learners in the Language of Science (eELSci): A Professional Development Program for High School Biology Teachers for UTSA- Office of Vice President for Research, 03/21/2014$ 5,000.00
Charles WilsonATonically Active Network in the Neostriatum for National Institutes of Health, 03/21/2014$ 281,639.00
Hsuan-Hua Becky HuangThe Role of Accent Familiarity in Speaking Assessment: A Cross-Linguistic Comparison between Chinese and Spanish Heritage and Non-Heritage Raters for UTSA-COEHD, 03/21/2014$ 5,000.00
Albert SalgadoSouth West TX SBDC - Carryover Funds FY 13-14 for Small Business Administration, 03/20/2014$ 106,734.00
Steve TomkaSupplemental Notice to Proceed-41BU75 Burleson County for Texas Department of Transporation, 03/20/2014$ 518.00
Carlos Paladini, Gerard BeaudoinThe Synaptic Origin of Reward Prediction Error Signal in Dopamnergic Neurons for National Institutes of Health, 03/19/2014$ 280,693.00
Christopher HajekGay Men in Early Mid-Life: The Roles of Social Creativity and Communication with Younger Gay Men in Identity Formation and Health for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
Nazgol BagheriTeaching Feminist Geography and Creating Women-Friendly Cities in Japan for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
Mary BrownRitual, Ideology and Cosmology in the Ancient Maya World: The investigation of Early Ritual Offerings at Xunantunich, Beliz for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
Kristen PellegrinoEarly-Career Music Teacher Educators Share Stories of About Their Professional Journeys for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
Qin YinThe Impact of Troubled Asset Relief Program on Earnings in formativeness: A Study of Compensation Contract for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
Bryan GervaisCause & Effect: Investigating the Role of Emotions in Partisan Selective Exposure for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
William ShortA Frame-Based Latin Lexicon for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
Sonia AlconiniThe South-Central Montane Forest and Adjacent Areas: Regional Political Developments, Inter-regional Exchange and Cultural Interactions for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
Hu Harrison LiuAre Corporate Share Repurchases Used to Support Overvalued Equity? for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
Renee CowanWorkplace Bullying: Culture Matters for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
Long LiuTesting for Cross-Sectional Dependence in a High Dimensional Panel Data with Time Autocorrelation and Heteroskedasticity for , 03/19/2014$ 5,000.00
Jing DuEnhanced Project Controls by Quantitative Approaches for Zachry Industrial, Inc., 03/18/2014$ 31,496.00
Steve TomkaStanding Structure Survey-Travis Park for Via Metropolitan Transit, 03/18/2014$ 5,181.00
Xiaohe XuPost-divorce Cohabitation and Remarriage: Does Religion Matter for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Joanna LambertEnergy Rich Food & The Ability to Carry It: Implications for Interpreting Primate Evolutionary Success for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Robert HardAncient Maize Agriculture on the New Mexico Borderlands for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Melanie StineGeomorphology of Southern Appalachian Peatlands for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Donghoon HanTime and Cost Constrainted Optimal Designs of Step-stress Accelerated LIfe Tests for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Bernadette AndreaRecovering and Re-Mapping Leo Africanus's Mediterranean Worlds in English Renaissance Discourses of Empire for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Kefeng XuCan Product Recall be Profitable? Insights from Behavior Economics Models and Empirical Studies for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Jason YaegerCompetition, Warfare, and the Rise and Fall of Late Classic Maya Kingdoms for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Edgar GhossoubFinancial Structure and the Formulation of Monetary Policy for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Aida Ramos-WadaA Matter of the Heart: Covariates and Reasons for Latino/a Catholic to Protestant Conversion for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Zhechao LiuAre Free Apps the New Solution to Software Piracy? The Impact of the Freemium Strategy on Mobile App Piracy in the Presence of Network Effects for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Ethan WickmanHelios: A Concerto for Flute and Percussion Ensemble for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Bruce RudyThe Wal-Mart Effect Considering the Social Implication of Explosive Corporate Growth for , 03/14/2014$ 5,000.00
Harry MillwaterGas Turbine Engine Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Research for Southwest Research Institute, 03/13/2014$ 11,523.00
Roxanne HenkinSan Antonio Writing Project 2014-2015 SEED Teacher Leadership Development Grant Proposal for National Writing Project, 03/10/2014$ 10,000.00
Corey SparksEnvironmental Determinants of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in South Texas for University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, 03/07/2014$ 2,337.00
Megan AugustynFamily and Intimate Partner Violence Reduction Policies 25 Years Later for Texas A&M, 03/06/2014$ 2,250.00
Floyd WormleyProtective Host Immunity Against Pulmonary Cryptococcosis for National Institutes of Health, 03/05/2014$ 367,500.00
Rolando Vega, Hongjie Xie, Walter Richardson, Hariharan Krishnaswami, Bing Dong, Kiran Bhaganagar, Mohammad Jamshidi, Daniel Pack, Nikolaos GatsisIntelligent Energy Systems Research Program for CPS Energy Accounts, 03/05/2014$ 467,974.00
Steve TomkaFort Sam Houston Survey for Bain Medina Bain Inc., 03/05/2014$ 21,832.00
Steve TomkaOlmos Basin Park Survey for Adams Environmental Incorporated, 03/03/2014$ 7,900.00
Dwain Rogers, Les ShephardFuel Cell System Performance and Deployment Feasibility for USAA, 02/25/2014$ 38,000.00
Carlos GarciaUnderstanding the Interaction of Ankyrins and Nanomaterials for National Institutes of Health, 02/24/2014$ 108,375.00
Lloyd PotterAVANCE Wintergarden HS EHS CA Update Bid for AVANCE - San Antonio, 02/24/2014$ 8,101.00
Thomas Forsthuber, William Haskins, Yufeng WangPredictive Biomarkers for EAE development for National Institutes of Health, 02/21/2014$ 220,500.00
Hubbard OrestesVeterans Business Development Program for JPMorgan Chase Foundation, 02/20/2014$ 50,000.00
Terri WilliamsVeterans Business Development Program for JPMorgan Chase Foundation, 02/20/2014$ 50,000.00
Arturo Ponce PedrazaDual Beam System (SEM/FIB) Equipment for The Kleberg Advanced Microscopy Center for Army Research Office, 02/20/2014$ 500,000.00
Krystel Castillo VillarReliability Project in Assembly for Toyota Manufacturing , 02/14/2014$ 6,600.00
Steve TomkaRaba Kistner Enviormental, Inc. Construction Monitoring for Raba Kistner Environmental, Inc., 02/14/2014$ 30,000.00
Hatim Sharif, Samer Dessouky, Jose WeissmannSafety Impact of Texas Travel Information Centers (TIC) for Texas Department of Transporation, 02/13/2014$ 127,281.00
Thomas Forsthuber, Yufeng WangM2 proteomics of the EAE model of multiple sclerosis for National Multiple Sclerosis Society, 02/12/2014$ 591,566.00
John QuarlesCAREER: Measuring and Reducing Cybersickness in Virtual Reality Physical Rehabilitation for National Science Foundation, 02/11/2014$ 195,125.00
Angela Lombardi, William DupontWorld Monument Fund American University Engagement in Professional Development in Preservation 2014, Erbil, Iraq for World Monuments Fund, 02/10/2014$ 15,000.00
Steve TomkaArcheological Shovel Testing and Monitoring of Tree Planting in Travis Park for City of San Antonio, 02/07/2014$ 13,418.00
Guadalupe BarreraSmithsonian Youth Summit for Smithsonian Institution, 02/06/2014$ 2,500.00
Miguel Jose-YacamanFY13-14 SwRI Physics Graduate Program DeLaRosa for Southwest Research Institute, 02/03/2014$ 28,085.00
Miguel Jose-YacamanFY13-14 Physics Graduate Program Bouquet for Southwest Research Institute, 02/03/2014$ 28,085.00
Miguel Jose-YacamanFY13-14 Physics Graduate Program Allen for Southwest Research Institute, 01/30/2014$ 28,085.00
Harry MillwaterAirframe Digital Twin (ADT) Spiral 1 for Northrop Grumman System Corporation, 01/30/2014$ 20,000.00
Gregory White, Donald RyanFEMA – State and Local Homeland Security National Training Program Continuing Training Grant (CTG) for Department of Homeland Security, 01/30/2014$ 800,000.00
Thomas ForsthuberMIF Inhibition as a novel treatment for autoimmune myocarditis for National Institutes of Health, 01/23/2014$ 198,450.00
Harriett Romo, Sophia OzunaModel Intervention Project for Baptist Child and Family Services , 01/20/2014$ 82,513.00
Steve TomkaTravis Park VIA Improvements for VIA Metropolitan Transit, 01/16/2014$ 2,010.00
Yufei HuangAcquisition of High Resolution Electroencephalogram Systems for Advancing Brain-Machine Interaction Research and Education for Army Research Office, 01/15/2014$ 408,322.00
John FosterFiber failure modeling with peridynamics for The Johns Hopkins University, 01/14/2014$ 44,828.00
Taeg NishimotoSPARK Community Park Project for San Antonio Sports, 01/08/2014$ 6,000.00
Steve TomkaLauren's Lane Hike and Bike Testing for City of San Antonio, 01/08/2014$ 17,908.00
Lloyd PotterSan Antonio Head Start Community Assessment for City of San Antonio, 01/03/2014$ 25,000.00
Deborah Schueneman, Matthew JacksonNational Information Clearinghouse (SBDCnet)- 1st Yr of 5 Yrs Project FY13-18 for Small Business Administration, 01/02/2014$ 150,000.00
William LandThe Influence of Perceptual Movement Effects During the Learning and Control of Rich Motor Skills for UTSA-COEHD, 01/01/2014$ 4,400.00
Matthew ReillyRheometry of Liquid Bandage Biomaterials for Rochal Industries LLP, 01/01/2014$ 1,500.00
Sakiko OyamaEffects of 7-week shoulder exercise intervention on joint mobility, strength, and function in diabetics and non-diabetics for UTSA-COEHD, 01/01/2014$ 4,107.00
Mark ApplefordMaterial Processing by Lyophilization and EtO Sterilization for Rochal Industries LLP, 01/01/2014$ 1,500.00
Victor VillarrealSchool psychologists experiences in working with community-based mental health service providers: Implications for mental health referral and collaboration practices for UTSA-COEHD, 01/01/2014$ 3,595.00
Hsuan-Hua Becky Huang, Dennis DavisMaking Sense of science texts: Contributions of strategic, linguistic, and disciplinary knowledge for UTSA-COEHD, 01/01/2014$ 6,912.00
Lee MasonThe Effects of Antecedent Exercise on Reducing Stereotypy in Children with Autism for , 01/01/2014$ 4,256.00
Crystal Kalinec-CraigA Phenomenaological Study About Te'AlaMo:Teachers, Art From Latin@Culture, and Mathematical Modeling for UTSA-COEHD, 01/01/2014$ 5,000.00
Janee AventWe've come this far by faith: Today's African American College Student, The Black Church, and Preceptions of Counseling for UTSA-COEHD, 01/01/2014$ 1,250.00