The UTSA New Venture Incubator (NVI)

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Translating technological innovations into new products and services is a critical factor for the US economy. The UTSA New Venture Incubator (NVI) program is focused on supporting the translation of research into products and services. Specifically, the NVI program is designed to support three types of target companies, namely:
  1. Companies licensing and commercializing UTSA Intellectual Property.
  2. Companies collaborating with UTSA researchers on sponsored research programs.
  3. New student and faculty start-up companies entering the San Antonio technology-based business ecosystem.
Potential NVI program members must submit an application that is reviewed by the University's Commercialization Council. If accepted into the program as one of the three types of target companies, a program license must be signed defining the terms of program involvement. NVI program members will participate in operations and semi-annual reviews as part of their continued membership in the program. Successful companies will graduate from the NVI program into the broader regional technology-based incubation and business ecosystem.

NVI Forms
UTSA New Venture Incubator Procedures (docx)
UTSA New Venture Incubator Applicant Review Form (docx)
UTSA New Venture Incubator Application (doc)
UTSA New Venture Incubator Safety Checklist (docx)