Revenue Distributions

Revenues from license fees and royalties, minus any unreimbursed patenting and filing expenses, are shared with inventors 50/50. The inventor(s') revenue is distributed as income above and beyond normal salary, typically reported on an IRS 1099 form. The university portion is allocated to the VP for Research, the college, the department, and the inventor's lab. This revenue is to be used as discretionary funds for reinvesting in the growth of research in the university (i.e. research, staff, students, conferences, etc.).

For Multiple inventors and/or patents in a license, a UTSA Revenue Distribution Formula Agreement (RDFA) will be signed by the inventors clearly defining the terms of royalty distributions. The initial RDFA includes a draft formula based on the contributions listed in the Invention Disclosure(s) relating to the license. All inventors must sign the RDFA, signifying their approval. The RDFA also outlines how revenue will be distributed in the event that new inventors and/or patents are added to the license agreement, as can arise with a sponsored research agreement. The AVP for Commercialization Alliances and Innovation will work with inventors to create an RDFA.