Research Concierge


The Research Concierge Office will provide enhanced services to those researchers who have attained a certain level of accomplishment at UTSA. The program aims to help the university provide top-level service for our best researchers and give other researchers an added incentive to meet the success criteria to qualify for concierge services.

What is the role of the Research Concierge?

The Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) strives to provide excellent service for all researcher-clients, but it is particularly important to lessen the administrative burden and provide individualized service to those researchers whose long-term track record with sponsored projects is strong. To this end, the Research Concierge is analogous to personal bankers in that they would assist their clients with all transactions, ensuring that those transactions are carried out without delay. The Research Concierge has extensive training in areas of proposal development and award administration and has knowledge of essential university functions and the staff who provide those functions.

Although the Research Concierge will devote a great percentage of her time to work with the researcher-clientele who meet the requirements of the Criteria below, she will also devote part of her time to assist any research in identifying the who they need to contact to resolve their need. In this light, the Research Concierge will personally work with researchers and the Research Service Center staff as needed. The Concierge also will work with researcher-clients in considering their suggestions for streamlining processes and will report efficient and ineffective processes to the Senior AVP for Research so that those processes could be improved.

There are areas within the Research Division that the Research Concierge may interact with to meet the needs of the researcher-clients she serves. These include the six Research Service Centers, human and animal subject personnel, biosafety, chemical safety, radiation and laser safety committees and managers, and conflict of interest management. Outside of the VPR division, the Research Concierge will interface with business service transaction and processing offices under the Vice President for Business Affairs, such as Grants and Contracts Financial Services, Disbursements and Travel Services, and Human Resources. For special projects that involve construction the Research Concierge will work with facilities and other building units.


Selection of a researcher to qualify for the special services of a Research Concierge includes a variety of research performance metrics that indicate a proven record of high-level success in research and which includes but is not limited to the number of successful proposals, the total amount of awarded funds, research expenditures, and holding an endowed chair research position.

How to Contact the Research Concierge

Phone: 210-458-5195
Fax: 210-458-5193
Office: North Paseo Building (NPB) at Main Campus, 2.104H
Mailing Address: The University of Texas at San Antonio, Office of the Vice President for Research, Attn: Research Concierge, One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, Texas 78249