International Collaborations

International collaborations are becoming increasingly prevalent at UTSA. The Contracts and Industry Agreements team under the Office of Sponsored Project Administration stands ready to facilitate faculty international research collaborations. Like other universities, UTSA seeks more sophisticated international research collaborations. In fact, UTSA recently concluded its first MOU with an Irish university, Beckett College.

International collaborations by their very definition have unique aspects that do not necessarily apply to U.S.-located projects. Besides obvious issues such as immigration and visas, issues such as export controls, insurance, liability, currency valuation, time difference/location, safety, and intellectual property are important in the international context. Export controls, in particular, is a very important topic in research administration given the increasing frequency of international collaborations at UTSA and other universities. Potential export control issues should be addressed before a proposal is submitted to an outside agency or a contract is negotiated with another organization.

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) handles export control issues and has an excellent discussion of the topic on their website: Faculty and staff are advised to contact ORI in advance of proposal submission and project commencement to properly address export control issues in a timely manner.

The International Neighborhood of the National Council of University Research Administrators has several excellent links for international collaborations and international issues:
NCURA International Neighborhood Home Page
NCURA International Resources

Additional questions concerning international collaborations can be directed to the team members.