Contract-Proposal Connection

The Contracts & Industry Agreements team has a close, daily working relationship with the Research Service Centers to ensure that university, sponsor, and government rules and regulations are followed. Here are some guidelines for faculty and staff to ensure that quality administration is conducted in a timely fashion.

If the Contracts & Industry Agreements team receives a contract or agreement for funding faculty or staff sponsored projects (research, education, service, etc.), a proposal should already be on file with the Office of Sponsored Project Administration by the time the Contracts & Industry Agreements team receives the contract or agreement. If no proposal has been routed through one of the six Research Service Centers, then the faculty or staff member will be contacted to route the appropriate proposal documents through the appropriate Research Service Center. A contract or agreement for sponsored project activity will not be negotiated until the proper paperwork has been routed.

For UTSA subcontracts with a prime awardee (for instance, The University of Texas at Austin), the UTSA workscope and budget should be in the sponsored project file for use by the Contracts & Industry Agreements team at the contract stage. If on a particular project UTSA will be writing a subcontract to another institution, we should have that institution's workscope and budget in our sponsored project file. Not having these documents will delay contract creation, negotiation, and execution.

Some contracts, such as confidentiality agreements, teaming agreements, and memoranda of understanding, normally do not include funding like normal sponsored project agreements. In those cases, contracts and agreements will be negotiated by the Contracts & Industry Agreements team ASAP as they will not involve routing proposal paperwork through OSP.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.