Export Control Forms and Information

Foreign Travel - Forms and Information

Travelers who take UTSA property such as laptops or GPS devices out of the country are considered to be temporarily exporting those items under Export Control Regulations. Laptop computers and GPS, and their underlying software, are subject to Export Control Regulations and may require a license for export to some destinations. Any research data that you export may also be subject to Export Control Regulations and require a license, and in some cases may not be exported at all. To ensure compliance with these regulations, all UTSA property taken out of the country should be cleared through ORIC by filling out the form below.
  1. Information Sheet on Export Control Issues Related to University Travel - This form should be reviewed by all UTSA Employees prior to traveling abroad.
  2. Certification of Temporary Export of UTSA Property and Review of U.S. Export Control Regulations - This form should be filled out by UTSA employees who are taking UTSA property abroad and returned to ORIC prior to departure. Instructions for filling out the form are on page 2.
  3. UTSA Traveler Processing Checklist - This reference sheet delineates the procedures for travel involving Import/Export and/or Classified Information.

Internal Forms
  1. OSP Form for Notification of Grant-Funded Foreign Travel for Export Control Review - This form is filled out and submitted by the OSP Grants/Contracts Specialist to ORIC when they are notified that foreign travel is to be paid from a sponsored program account.

Contracts with Non-US Entities - Forms and Information

ORIC reviews all contracts that involve non-US parties who will be paid by or visiting UTSA for any export control issues. Contracts or agreements to be paid from grant funds (26 accounts) are executed by the Office of Sponsored Programs. All other contracts and agreements are executed by the Associate Vice President for Administration under the VPBA.

Forms for Agreements with Non-US Entities
  • Refer to the Assoc VP for Administration website at http://www.utsa.edu/avpa/forms.html to be sure you are using the most current versions of the Forms for preparing and routing agreements with Non-US entities, which include form agreements (Services Agreement, Participant/Speaker Agreement, etc.), and the Academic and NON Academic Agreement Routing Sheets. For questions regarding any of the templates for agreements, routing forms, etc., please contact the AVPA contracting office.
  • The FORM C International Visitor - Advance Arrival Form (also available at http://www.utsa.edu/avpa/forms.html) should be submitted to the Office of International Programs prior to routing an Agreement with a non-US individual. For questions on Visa requirements regarding payment to a non-US person, contact the Office of International Programs (OIP).