Animal Care Program Policies

IACP Policy 001 Approved 05-15-08: Quality Animal Care and Policy Noncompliance at UTSA (pdf)

IACP Policy 002 Approved 03-27-13: Tail Biopsy of Mice and Rats (pdf)

IACP Policy 003 Approved 04-29-13: Humane Endpoints (pdf)

IACP Policy 004 Approved 12-13-13: Rodent Survival Surgery (pdf)

IACP Policy 005 Approved 02-14-14: Veterinary Care (pdf)

IACP Policy 006 Approved 02-14-14: Designated Member Review (pdf)

IACP Policy 007 Approved 05-15-08: Adjuvant Use in Laboratory Animals (pdf)

IACP Policy 008 Approved 02-14-14: Rodent, Rabbit, Bird, Fish & Amphibian Euthanasia (pdf)

IACP Policy 009 Approved 05-15-08: Expired Medical Materials at UTSA (pdf)

IACP Policy 010 Approved 02-08-08: Waste Management Plan for Animal Research (pdf)

IACP Policy 011 Approved 02-14-14; Revision 3, 02-14-14: Protocol and Amendment Review and Approval (pdf)

IACP Policy 012 Approved 08-12-08: Scoring & Endpoints in Tumor Studies in Rats and Mice (pdf)

IACP Policy 013 Approved 02-01-12: Overcrowded Mouse & Rat Cage Policy (pdf)

IACP Policy 014 Approved 03-17-09: Animal Enrichment (pdf)

IACP Policy 015 Approved 11-14-08: Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds and/or Expired Medical Materials (pdf)

IACP Policy 016 Approved 03-23-10: Counting Fetal and Neonatal Rodents (pdf)

IACP Policy 017 Approved 05-13-11: Transplantable Cell Lines in Rodents (pdf)

IACP Policy 018 Approved 05-13-11: Photography of Animal Use Procedures (pdf)

IACP Policy 019 Approved 04-09-10: Conflicts of Interest IACUC (pdf)

IACP Policy 020 Approved 05-13-11: Isoflurane Waste Anesthetic Gas Policy (pdf)

IACP Policy 021 Approved 05-13-11: Acclimation-Stabilization of Animals - Rescinded

IACP Policy 022 Approved 05-13-11: Physical Restraint of Unanesthetized Research Animals (pdf)

IACP Policy 023 Approved 04-10-12: Acclimation-Stabilization of Newly Received Research Animals (pdf)

IACP Policy 024 Approved 07-13-12: Research Animal Adoption Policy (pdf)

IACP Policy 025 Approved 01-20-12: Placement of Feed on Cage Bottoms (pdf)